Transforming Mississauga’s Waterfront

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Lakeview Community Partners

Steps away from Mississauga’s waterfront, is a budding Innovation District that will attract the brightest minds, industries and entrepreneurs to collaborate and develop leading edge innovations that will inspire the world. With plans in place, the City of Mississauga and Lakeview Community Partners Limited are leading the path forward to develop a 20+ acre hub for innovation and research, providing educational and office space that will be integrated with Lakeview Village, the adjacent 177-acre mixed-use community. The Lakeview Innovation District will become a world-renowned centre for multi-sector innovation and new business – connecting industry and employment to local and regional transit, green space, residential, a thriving retail square, and a multicultural hub anchored with year-round arts and recreational programming.


The Innovation District will support a mix of flexible office, institutional, educational and innovation uses that will complement the planned residential, cultural and retail uses as part of the 177- acre mixed-use community. The plans will strategically integrate a variety of employment uses, including technology industries and institutional office space that can accommodate more than 9,000 employment opportunities.

With 1.8M sq. ft. of flexible office space, ranging from 4,000 sq. m. to 9,000 sq. m. – tenants will have the ability to choose the right space that meet unique business needs with room to grow. The integrated and flexible design will connect organizations via atriums and outdoor pavilions that further supports innovation and cross-industry collaboration with other firms to generate new ideas and bring them to market, drawing on both internal and external sources.


Lakeview Village is strategically located in close proximity to an advancing transit and mobility network, a future Light Rail Transit (LRT), and Pearson International Airport, attracting leading tech and multinational firms. The Innovation District will be Mississauga’s epicentre of innovation that connects the Toronto – Waterloo Tech Corridor and is set to become the largest hub for innovation in Canada, paving the way for creative problem solving in climate change, energy resilience, the advancement in medical technologies and the preservation of our Great Lakes.

Collaboration is at the core of the Innovation District. Architectural excellence combined with state-of-the-art design will create a place for inventors and visionaries to network, engage, and drive global business innovation.

The Lakeview Innovation District is set to transform the waterfront of Mississauga – a City on the move. The District seeks to create an ecosystem which builds upon Lakeview Village’s Smart and Sustainable master planning foundation to deliver an environment where people can research and develop innovative solutions that help to educate and drive behavioral change globally, and help to generate universal economic prosperity.

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