Start Up Culture Thriving in London Ontario

STMNT Perspective London
STMNT is changing the fashion game allowing you to rent your clothes via a peer to peer network. Shown are (Left to Right) Kristen Tomen, Kylie Gonsalves, Morgan Nettleton, Madeline Patenall,Valentina Vargas, Madison Olson, Amelia Nguyen Photo Credit:Avan Patel Photography
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A vibrant tech sector is like a forest: first you might notice the tall, older trees, but in between are countless smaller trees, each reaching for their own sunlight.  In London, the Forest City, an exciting next generation of digital startups are emerging and staking their claim to be the city’s “next big thing”, including:

STMNT – Looking for a hot new outfit for a night out? STMNT is changing the fashion game by enabling its users to look great and save money by renting clothing items from the closets of people around them, and also to make their own clothes available to rent, all through easy, e-commerce transactions.

Dibbzz – Seeing your favourite band in concert, but wish you were closer to the stage? Dibbzz’s unique service lets concert goers, theatre attendees and sports fans upgrade their seats when they are at the venue, all through text messaging. No app required!

Orca – Supply chain management is an industry has resisted disruption by sticking to models from the 70’s and 80’s. Orca is changing that by implementing modern technology and processes to help companies make their supply chains more efficient and cost-effective.

FotaFlo – A picture is worth a thousand words, and possibly more when it’s satisfied customers sharing images to rave about your services! Fotaflo is boosting the adventure tourism industry by helping them turn customers into brand ambassadors with branded, shareable photos

It’s not just the digital world that’s shining though, the life science sector is also seeing a tremendous growth in new entrepreneurs, thanks in part to TechAlliance’s BURST program, developed in partnership with FedDev and the London Medical Network.

“We developed the BURST program to help give life science entrepreneurs a much-needed boost.” says Marilyn Sinclair, President & CEO of TechAlliance.“By supporting them

in the early stages with crucial seed funding, training and mentoring, we are enabling them to seek market validation, continue research and development, and ultimately bring potentially life-saving technologies to the market.”

Through 2018, 30 early-stage life science companies have completed the program, with products ranging from unique online fitness programs to specialized surgical devices.The support they received through BURST is already paying dividends, with many of the companies already attracting outside investment, growing their teams, and generating revenues.

All of these companies, along with the next cohort of life science startups that will participate in BURST in 2019, are key members of a bright, diverse future for entrepreneurship in London.