Tesla Opens New Sales and Service Location in Oakville

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Tesla, the California-based manufacturer of the all electric Model S sedan,Model X SUV and a unique set of Energy Products, opened a new store and service center in Oakville, Ontario.

Located just off of Queen Elizabeth Way, the new 27,000 square-foot Store and Service Center helps to serve the growing number of Tesla owners in Oakville and the greater Toronto area. Oakville is Tesla’s third Service Center in the broader Toronto area joining locations in Mississauga and Lawrence Avenue in York. The store showcases Model S and Model X while highly knowledgeable staff onsite focus on spending quality time with each interested customer and are on hand for test drives and demonstrations.

Tesla’s Model S sedan, Model X SUV and soon to arrive Model 3 offer an incredibly safe, yet aesthetically beautiful and powerful way to drive one-hundred-percent electric. Unprecedented range allows Model S to drive up to 539 kilometers on a single charge while Model X achieves 475km, and dual motors digitally and independently control torque to the front and rear wheels, providing unparalleled traction while increasing performance and efficiency. This all-wheel drive capability allows for instant response and all weather driving in icy, slick or snowy conditions – one of the many reasons why Model S and Model X have raised the bar for the 21st century vehicle.

Canada was the first international location for a Tesla showroom. The first Canadian store opened in November 2012 and was located inside the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. The Yorkdale Mall location still exists and has proven that there is a strong Canadian market demand for Tesla to continue to expand in the country.

Tesla designs, builds, sells and services all of its vehicles independently, eliminating any unnecessary steps to make the service experience as seamless as possible for owners. And unlike traditional franchised dealerships, Tesla does not run its service centers as profit centers. Instead, Tesla vehicles benefit from free over-the-air software updates that not only provide new features and functionality to customers throughout the life of ownership, but also enable Tesla to diagnose and fix many service issues without the customer having to bring their vehicle in for service. Tesla customers continue to rank the company #1 across the industry in owner satisfaction ratings.

Canadian residents have access to 23 Supercharger stations placed along main highways for long distance travel. With 10 Superchargers in Ontario alone, and Grimbsy being closest to Oakville, Tesla owners can travel routes leading to Montreal, northern Ontario and into regions of northeastern United States. Tesla designed the fastest, most convenient, and extensive charging network in the world – The Supercharger Network – making owning a fully electric Tesla easy and convenient.

As Tesla embarks on new locations around the world, its new location in Oakville further connects the Toronto community to its mission toward a more sustainable energy future.