Linbrook School Provides an Active Learning Environment for Boys

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The theory that boys and girls learn differently is one that is backed up by an increasing amount of academic research. It is also what led Amber Way, the founder of Linbrook School, to start a boys’ school in Oakville. Prior to Linbrook opening in the fall of 2014, parents’ options for single gender education for their sons were limited to the city of Toronto and northern campuses. Now, families who live between Etobicoke and Hamilton are also benefiting from a unique program that develops a love of school in young men.

Linbrook School is a not-for profit, independent day school (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8) that prides itself on the compassion and knowledge of its staff. The school’s capacity of 180 boys creates an intimate environment, where every member of staff knows every student. Linbrook’s program is designed to address boys’ need for movement and to build upon their natural love of learning through humour, competition and a customized curriculum. In addition to a challenging academic program, boys who attend Linbrook spend a significant amount of time actively engaged in athletics, music and art. The program has been designed to offer students a wide array of experiences with teachers who are passionate about their subject area and who love inspiring boys to achieve their true potential.

From the moment you walk through Linbrook’s front doors, you know you’ve entered a special place. The positive energy that spreads throughout the school is immediately evident, and the physical environment is warm and inviting. As you stand in the school’s lobby, the expansive playing fields and dense woodlot are pleasantly visible. In addition, every classroom is bright and airy, with large windows that bring the outside into all learning spaces. The boys’ work areas include ergonomically designed stools and tables, including standing work surfaces, and technology

also plays an important role in engaging the boys within their lessons. In the absence of girls, boys are generally more willing to try things and take risks, including activities as diverse as hip hop dancing, knitting, karate, coding and robotics – there’s even a babysitting club. Another thread that runs alongside the school’s academic and extracurricular programs is teaching the importance of helping others. Linbrook’s students often help with local charities, while “kindness challenges” encourage the boys to commit good acts.

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