Your Future Starts Where Canada Begins. Windsor-Essex

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Cities and regions are rarely static.  They’re fluid…they change…they evolve.  The great regions take the world along with them.  Great regions inspire, they have a voice that is distinct. They become known to the world for something.And a day in a great region, is time well spent. Windsor-Essex checks all those boxes and more.  Windsor-Essex is one of those great regions.

The Region is known the world over for its capabilities, but it doesn’t always stand on a soapbox to be heard. It’s humble that way.  But don’t let the modesty fool you.  Windsor-Essex inspires – those that visit and those that live there.  Windsor-Essex has talent – world-class talent that attracts more of the same.  And Windsor-Essex is focused, embracing change and discovering new ways of achieving every day.  And Windsor-Essex achieves.  They build the things that build things.  It’s the automation capital of Canada.  That’s why over 1,000 manufacturers in the region have a particular expertise in automotive, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Windsor-Essex achieves through discovery. It’s home to the University of Windsor, St. Clair College and several major research institutes, attracting talent from all over the globe.  And speaking of the globe,Windsor-Essex is the beginning of Canada, located at the centre of the Great Lakes region, North America’s manufacturing heartland.

And for a mid-sized city / region, Windsor-Essex posts big city numbers. Half of North America’s population is within a days drive of Windsor-Essex.  The Windsor-Essex Detroit border is the busiest  commercial Canada, U.S border crossing handling one third of all Canada trade.  That’s over 300 million dollars per day.  And with the brand new Gordie Howe International Bridge under construction, generating thousands of jobs,Windsor-Essex is ready for the future.  Especially since ninety percent of Windsor-Essex manufacturers export globally – to the United States, Mexico, Europe, China, India and more.  So it should come as no surprise that Windsor- Essex is the expert in border logistics.

Perhaps most astounding is that all this growth is meaningful.  With the arrival of major players like financial and tech giant Quicken Loans (and its 100+ jobs), the region’s infrastructure requires constant attention.  The upcoming new regional hospital is one of the many proactive measures ensuring Windsor-Essex is an ideal place to live, work and play.

So Windsor-Essex is busy… inspiring, creating and achieving.  That’s what sets
it apart.  But for the moment,Windsor- Essex is taking a break from being humble.  The stories you’ll read here celebrate those talented individuals and companies who have chosen Windsor-Essex as their home.  Each one of them has the talent and drive to be successful almost anywhere else in the world and they’ve chosen Windsor-Essex.  As you look forward to a life of promise and opportunity, read on to find out why your future could
very well start where Canada begins.

For more information on Windsor-Essex please visit their economic development YouTube channel found here or visit ESSEX ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (WEEDC) globe and mail perspective