Your Next Career is a Click Away in London

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Create Your Dream Life using LEDC’s job portal.

Today, more than ever people are looking for their next career. When you think about your time before, during and after work, you like many are most likely stuck in traffic, sitting on a crowded transit commute and generally rushing around trying to make life work. If this sounds familiar, chances are you do not live in London, Ontario.

It may be time for a new outlook on life, which can include a new job, comfortable quality of life and some affordable housing where you may be able to get the home you have always dreamed of.

London is a great city and its getting better. With amenities such as parks, hike and bike trails, sports fields, swimming pools, arenas and golf courses which seem like at every corner, it may be time to look at London.

You may love to visit the vibrant community of London, but to stay may take some convincing. Let’s start with the job market in London. Your next career may be a click away in London Ontario.

With fantastic proximity to one of Canada’s major employment corridors coupled with future planned commercial business, business parks and the incredibly small – medium-sized business boom coming out of incubators and Start-up Lab’s, we are seeing firms are on a hiring spree.

Your next career is a click away in London.

This is where the LEDC’s sector job web portals can help. Check out two of the most active sectors in London who are hiring. The manufacturing industry is advancing every month with multinationals and homegrown London firms looking to hire. The other vital sector is technology.

There are over 150 tech jobs currently listed on the LEDC’s website, your next career is a click away in London Ontario found here –

If you want to expand or relocate your business, please connect with LEDC at for more info.

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