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jd aero sault ste marie aerospace

Sault Ste. Marie: Canada’s Frontier For Advanced Manufacturing & Aerospace

Strategic Location. Cost Competitive. Superb Quality of Life. Sault Ste. Marie is a city built on...

Ontario is Leading the Global Aerospace Sector

As the world enters a new decade, the aerospace and defense industry looks to a future of rapid and continual change. In...
advanced manufacturing aerospace perspective report

Canada’s Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing Report

Special feature on Canada's soaring Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing. For full editorials please click here.
Mississauga aerospace and advanced manufacturing economic development

Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing Soaring in Mississauga

Mississauga has a long and storied tradition of aerospace manufacturing. From the Lancaster built by Victory Aircraft to the...
Belair Mechatronics Kawartha Lakes advanced manufacturing

Kawartha Lakes’ Powerful Advanced Manufacturing & Aerospace Sector

Kawartha Lakes has always been famous for its stunning landscape and small-town feel. A favourite destination for tourists, cottage- goers and...
Canadarm2 and Dexture on the International Space Station

Brampton: Home to MDA Space Robotics for 40 Years

Celebrating the Benefits from MDA’s Canadarm MDA has designed, built, and supported iconic space robotic solutions, right here in Brampton, for more than 40 years,...
assembly airplane jet engine

Canada Offers Low Costs for Aircraft Manufacturers

Aerospace manufacturing is flying high in Canada thanks to competitive corporate taxes, deep and transformative investments in research and innovation, a talented yet cost-effective...
innovation aerospace jet engine

Canada- a Global Leader in the Aerospace Industry

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) consulted, validated research findings, developed detailed economic models, statistics...
Innovative Automotive Manufacturing Facility in Canada

See Canada’s Leading Advanced Manufacturing/Aerospace Sector

Canada is already a global leader in advanced manufacturing & aerospace, and the sector’s potential for growth is virtually unlimited thanks to heavy investment...