Best Shared Office and Coworking Space Across Ontario

shared office coworking space ontario
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Now more than ever, firms of all sizes are looking for the Best Shared Office and coworking Space Across Ontario. Below you will find the growing list of municipalities across Ontario offering workspace across Ontario, Canada. London, Oakville, and Burlington have many options to choose from:

London, Ontario

With one of Canada’s largest universities in Canada (University of Western Ontario), London boasts a highly educated workforce which is reflected in their key business sectors such as Life Sciences, Digital Media, Computer Science, Agri-Food, and Advanced Manufacturing.

Oakville, Ontario

Oakville is located 50 minutes from downtown Toronto. Home to Ford’s Canadian Head Office and assembly plant. Over the years Oakville has become a leader within the Life Sciences, FINTECH, Film, and Advanced Manufacturing Sectors.

Burlington, Ontario Canada

If you happen to work in the advanced manufacturing, life sciences, cleantech, food and beverage, ICT, Professional, or Tech services sectors and are looking at expanding your business, take a look at what Burlington has to offer.

This article covers many options for firms looking to set up satellite offices, the hub and spoke office model or the traditional “branch” office where downsizing of expensive vast office space makes way for those who may work at home or give some amazing options for an office not too far from where employees live. Affordable, comfortable, and safe working conditions are key for your talented workforce.

For those businesses looking for a much bigger move to relocate or expand operations which may include the purchase of land, industrial, manufacturing, or logistical space your first call should be to local municipal economic development offices. Please click to visit London, Oakville or Burlington websites.