Brampton’s Downtown Reimagined

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Brampton is thinking bigger. It is a future ready city with a sharp focus where leaders know that its community’s growth, youth and diversity set it apart.

Brampton is building vibrant urban centres that ignite opportunity and instill pride in the people who live and work here.

New opportunities are shaping Brampton as an urban city, a hub for jobs and innovation, and a global leader. Federal and Provincial funding has accelerated city projects. Brampton is set to host a new STEM-focused university and a centre for education, innovation and collaboration in its Downtown. Four transit and mobility hubs are also in development.

Downtown Brampton is set to undergo an exciting transformation

As part of creating a vibrant urban centre in downtown Brampton, the City of Brampton is working towards creating an aesthetically beautiful streetscape around the Four Corners. An environmental assessment is underway for a project to re-imagine streets that will bring together pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in a safe and sustainable manner. From the addition of cycle lanes to landscaping between street and sidewalk in order to capitalize on pedestrian walkability and enhance amenities.

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