A Vision to Maximize Brampton’s Potential

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From its location at the centre of Canada’s innovation supercorridor, to its young, diverse, educated and rapidly growing population, Brampton is a city of enormous potential.

Now, the City is developing a vision to harness that potential and position Brampton as an example in Canada of a place where people want to live, work, play and raise their families. Working with internationally acclaimed urban visionary Larry Beasley, Brampton is thinking bigger about what it can, and will be, in 5, 10, 25 years and beyond.

Over the past six weeks, the City has embarked upon an intensive community-wide conversation with thousands of people to hear their ideas about what would make their day-to-day experience in Brampton more fulfilling.

Those conversations uncovered a number of different themes, including recreation, transportation, natural heritage, housing and parks. But perhaps the most resounding feedback of all has been about employment. The people of Brampton want more knowledge-based, skilled jobs. They want a better balance between housing and employment.

Brampton’s vision will be developed over the next few months, based on these ideas from the community, but it seems safe to say that it will address jobs and innovation in some way.

Municipalities need to plan to accommodate all types of employment in order to maintain economic viability and achieve a healthy activity rate – namely, the proportion of jobs to population.

As this vision is developed, it will look at bringing together people, jobs, and all the inputs required for economic prosperity. By building complete communities, supporting foreign-licensed workers, and creating employment opportunities for everyone from youth to seniors, Brampton can be a magnet for jobs and innovation, and a sustainable future city.

For more information, visit brampton.ca/futureready