L360 Architecture Develops Client’s Ideas Into Creative & Accurate Solutions

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Ingenuity is the driving force behind the success of L360 ARCHITECTURE. Since 2001, Founder Paul F. Loreto’s, OOA (Ontario Association of Architects) RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) expertise mirrors the development of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in North America, including being co-founder and inaugural Chair of the Canada BIM Council, Canada’s original self-regulating BIM authority. His early participation as a Consultant with Revit Technologies in the development of BIM has resulted in L360’s unique implementation of BIM into L360 projects. As BIM’s champion for years, Loreto is elevating his focus to make changes to the industry’s process of project development. These changes come in the form of the L360 ARCHITECTURE Process (L360AP) a unique integrated project delivery process focused on instilling the 3C’s of Architecture: Communication, Collaboration, and Coordination.

“Our greatest value, when not the lead architect, is to assist a strong design firm into translating their design into an unparalleled level of construction documentation leveraging our L360AP,” says Loreto. “This software has been used as a front end design technology, but our process focuses on the entire project and results in tearing down the individual silos existing between architects and engineers and providing an environment similar to when we were back in the childhood sandbox where our love for what we do began, while at the same time playing nicely with each other.”

The L360 ARCHITECTURE PROCESS (L360 AP), leverages digital modeling from project initiation through to construction end and creates a highly interactive project environment for the Project Team, while proactively flushing out problems that traditionally results in additional costs when left unaddressed until the construction phase. The L360AP results in a modernized style of document drawings leveraging the model, which is viewable at all times

during the Construction Phase, for sake of clarity. The L360AP promotes communication, collaboration and coordination throughout the project and places a focus on the 3C’s of Architecture. It is this focus that provides profound results of cost control, clarity and team accountability on L360 projects.

“Our focus is to first build the project virtually, months before actual construction starts, to proactively flush out and resolve potentially costly issues before placing our documents in the hands of the constructor,” says Loreto. “We’ve implemented digital modeling into our process as the modernized redevelopment of the traditional 2D construction document set. The L360 AP has proven to instil strict cost controls and reduces change orders such that the Client finds themselves being able to use their contingency fund on desired extras rather than having to lose it to pay for the mistakes of others.

L360 ARCHITECTURE’s impact is seldom seen in public as their work is often lost in their supportive role as BIM Consultants to major North American firms; be it large architectural design firms or national construction firms. One major project, the Woodstock General Hospital, is one example regionally where L360 ARCHITECTURE’s expertise was utilized by construction giant Ellis Don, to achieve a successful construction result.

Today, L360 ARCHITECTURE, through Loreto’s leadership is “not trying to be like everyone else. Our history and expertise has L360 focusing on changing the process in which Architecture is being carried out in today’s industry; one successful project at a time.”
To learn more about L360 ARCHITECTURE’s L360 AP and how it can reduce cost, increase your return on investment, and return control of your project budget back in your hands, call to speak to an L360 ARCHITECTURE professional at 519.473.6641 today.