ROCKWOOL™ Driving Progress Toward More Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Environment

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With quality solutions for all types of applications, ROCKWOOL is a global leader in the insulation market and a top choice of progressive builders.
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Milton Facility explores and develops new ways to save energy with their stone wool insulation.

The growth in demand for stone wool insulation products throughout North America continues to gain momentum, especially as the desire to build better and more responsibly grows. It’s a promising landscape, and Canadians should care, because more sustainable operations, practices and products are the way of the future. Canadian manufacturer, ROCKWOOL, is leading the way.

ROCKWOOL’s purpose is to “enhance modern living through the natural power of stone,” and the company is doing that in a big way. Its stone
wool products, by design, are ideally suited to help address many of society’s pressing issues including increased levels of urbanization, energy consumption, climate change, sustainability and noise pollution, all while contributing to safer, more resilient cities.

The company’s sustainability vision extends beyond the performance of
its products to include every facet
of its operation. ROCKWOOL’s manufacturing processes and recycling initiatives, for example, serve to reduce its environmental impact and lower energy consumption, as well as its reliance on external resources. That includes heat and water recovery processes, waste reduction strategies, and using both naturally sustainable and recycled raw materials.

Consider, too, that one year’s production of stone wool insulation will save more than 200 million tons of CO2 emissions from buildings and processes worldwide, over the lifespan of the product. That’s significant. Did you know that 40% of all energy consumed is used in buildings and that up to 30% of that total is wasted? North America accounts for only 5.5% of the world’s population – but produces 27% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and uses 50% of the energy consumed by the world’s richest nations. That’s staggering.

The world is changing, and more change is needed. ROCKWOOL is driving important progress. The company supports and advocates for positive change in the built environment, addressing issues such fire safety, energy consumption, noise pollution, the evolution of building codes, green building efforts and more. Beyond that, ROCKWOOL demonstrates great care for local communities, especially where it operates. It is proud of its commitment to its neighbours, customers, partners, employees, people, and the planet.

“We’re steadfast in our investment in infrastructure and programs that support the well-being of others, because we know that thriving, progressive and sustainable communities start with strong and healthy families,” says Trent Ogilvie, President, ROCKWOOL (North America).

What ROCKWOOL stands for, how it does business, and its commitment
to people and societal progress make it an impressive company. There’s a lot to discover. ROCKWOOL is a workforce of change-makers, leaders, problem- solvers, environmental stewards, and contributors.

“Our products hold great promise
and even more potential to bring
about positive change both locally and globally,” says Ogilvie. “What we can do for the built environment, the world and its people is fueling our momentum, and we believe the best is yet to come.”

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